FREE WEBINAR – Cochlear Implants 101


December 16, 2021


01:00 PM – 02:00 PM

Have you heard of cochlear implants before? Cochlear implants are small, electronic devices that help deliver sound signals to the brain. These surgically inserted devices can provide a sense of hearing for those who are severely hard of hearing or deaf.

Fun fact: cochlear implants may benefit those as young as 6-12 months old! In this prerecorded presentation we will discuss:

– What cochlear implants are and how they work
– Who may benefit from cochlear implants and why
– How hearing with a cochlear implant differs from normal hearing
– And more!

After the presentation, we will take any questions regarding cochlear implants and relay them to a specialist outside of HEAR Center. Sign-up today to learn more about this impressive technology!