Speech and Language Services

How can I help my child?

We teach strategies to both child and parent/caregiver to ensure skills learned carry over in and outside of therapy settings. Therapy can include play-based sessions using toys and tools where we strive to engage the child’s interest and stimulate their receptive and expressive outputs.

Who can conduct therapy?

A licensed Speech and Language Pathologist (SLP) or licensed Speech and Language Pathologist Assistant (SLPA) can conduct therapy after completing an accredited, licensed program and receiving an associate’s or bachelor’s degree. After the SLPA has met the requirements to practice therapy, a SLP will directly supervise their work. This involves regular meetings to discuss client progress, new challenges and/or modification of client goals, as needed.

We have multiple SLPA’s conducting therapy on a 1:1 basis providing a focused and individualized approach to therapy. Due to the high demand for Speech and Language services, we employ multiple SLPAs that conduct therapy while their supervising SLPs conduct speech evaluations for new or potential speech therapy clients. We provide multi-faceted therapy for individuals based on each client’s unique needs.

Where do we conduct therapy?

Options include on-site appointments at HEAR Center and teletherapy accessible on-line (HIPAA compliant platform).

What methods are used during therapy sessions?

  • Teaching recognition and use of body gestures.
  • Teaching recognition and understanding of facial expressions and cues.
  • Increase receptive/expressive speech and language through repetitive training sessions.
  • Include parent/caregiver during sessions to support continuity of learned skills.
  • Reading and listening to stories.
  • Playing with games and/or toys.

Who will my child see for their speech and language therapy?

Licensed Speech and Language Pathologists (SLP):

  • Conduct speech and language evaluation and interpret results.
  • Recommend long-term and short-term goals.
  • Recommend amount and frequency of services rendered.

Licensed Speech and Language Pathology Assistants (SLPA):

  • Are under direct supervision of SLP.
  • Carry out play-based therapy as directed by SLP.
  • Conduct speech screenings at local pre-schools, elementary and high schools.
  • Assist in tracking and reporting therapy data.

A Multi-Dimensional Approach

We offer speech and language therapy for the following:

  • Articulation/Phonology
  • Receptive/Expressive Language
  • Fluency (stuttering)
  • Voice
  • Auditory Processing Assessment
  • Pragmatic and Social Skills
We provide assistance to children with Down Syndrome, Autism Spectrum Disorders, Cerebral Palsy, craniofacial anomalies and more.

Contact HEAR Center at 626-796-2016 or email at info@hearcenter.org to find out more about how we can help improve communication between you and your loved ones.