Reliable, free hearing screenings at a health fair near you

At HEAR Center, we strive to serve community members beyond the clinic. One way we practice this is by providing no-cost, convenient hearing services at health fairs. These events coordinate different health services and allow community members to speak with health professionals. We encourage all families to visit local health fairs when possible.

Early detection of hearing loss can save time, money and stress.

At health fairs, a licensed audiologist or audiometrist from HEAR Center may provide:

  • PASS/FAIL hearing screenings (click here for more information)
  • Hearing aid cleanings
  • Hearing aid battery checks
  • Information on hearing health
  • Information on preventing hearing loss

Want to know about our upcoming events?

Visit our calendar for more information about upcoming events in your area. HEAR Center may be at a health fair near you.

Failed a hearing screening?

The purpose of a hearing screening is to detect possible hearing loss. If you failed one of our hearing screenings, we strongly recommend follow up testing. Please call or text (626) 734-6555 to schedule a complete audiological evaluation at HEAR Center.

HEAR CENTER wants to be part of your next health fair event.

If you would like HEAR Center’s services at your upcoming health fair (or info session, meeting, event, etc.), please call or text Angelica Tamayo at (626) 734-6555.