The HEAR Center has been a huge part of Hailey’s success. From day one the staff has always treated as if were family. Hailey has received services from the HEAR Center for almost ten years! Services which included speech therapy, audiology app., and hearing aid services. The HEAR Center is an advocate for Hailey. Because of the HEAR Center dedicating their time to Hailey and making sure she was getting the services and follow-ups she needed, Hailey wears her hearing aids with pride and has been mainstreamed since kindergarten. Her hearing aids are amazing and help Hailey be part of the hearing world. Hailey’s favorite past-time is to read and listen to music. Without my amazing family and the support from the HEAR Center she wouldn’t have had the success she has now. Early intervention is the key! Thank HEAR Center for always putting Hailey’s need first.