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At HEAR Center:

  • Our Audiologists provide FREE hearing aid consultation and are happy to answer all of your questions during your consultation. 
  • All hearing aids include one, two or three year warranties.
  • Warranty period includes complimentary office visits to address your adjustments, tubing and cleaning needs. 

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Latest News

Please look forward to new events from HEAR Center soon!

Featured Story

Mandy Harvey visits HEAR Center....

Mandy Harvey, America's Got Talent 2017 4th place finalist and a singer songwriter known for her hit song "Try" joined in providing the community with an all-access tour of HEAR Center, the only nonprofit 501(c)(3) audiology and speech therapy clinic in the San Gabriel Valley. 

Despite being profoundly deaf from the age of eighteen due to a connective tissue disorder, Harvey perfected her vocal range through visual tuners and muscle memory. For an exciting event, see her in her upcoming nationwide tour. 

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