Riverside School for the Deaf

by | Mar 13, 2023 | News

If you’ve been watching local high school sports, you may have noticed Riverside School for the Deaf in recent news. Its football team won a recent match against Faith Baptist, scoring 80-26 against the Canoga Park school. While its victory was certainly impressive, it’s not just another high school football win. Keep reading to learn more about Riverside School for the Deaf and the story behind the November 18 game. 

A Well-Earned Victory

Riverside School for the Deaf’s November 18 win occurred during this year’s California Interscholastic Federation’s state football championship game. This win in the eight-player state championship earned the school its first CIF title in any sport. As a result, it now ranks first in the state for eight-player Division I football. 

The school’s victory in this 2022 championship game is significant for another reason. It’s a rematch against Faith Baptist, to whom it had lost the same championship back in 2021 after an undefeated season. In an interview with Los Angeles TV station ABC 7, Riverside football team member Gio Visco used the phrase “unfinished business” when discussing this past season. “The other team beat us and now this is kind of like payback, so it’s that term…that has really driven us,” Visco said. 

A Celebratory Feeling

The Riverside Press-Enterprise reported on the historic game, describing how CSDR fans flooded the field to celebrate their team’s victory. It’s also a potential win in the representation department: In the stands was actor Marlee Marlin, the executive producer of a Disney+ TV series based on the Riverside football team.

The school also commemorated the victory with a parade. KNBC 4 Los Angeles mentioned that its football team carried the CIF title game plaque around the campus as fans watched and cheered them on. 

About Riverside School for the Deaf

Located just a few miles south of Riverside City College, Riverside School for the Deaf focuses on preparing students for higher education studies and future career opportunities. Created by California Assembly Bill 75, the school first began enrolling students in 1953. The school offers early childhood curricula plus K-12 education and career technical education with a hands-on approach. It provides education with five core values in mind: support, value, grow, foster and respect. 

Riverside’s primary focuses include a relationship between linguistic, cognitive and social development. Among its priorities is creating a safe and supportive learning environment, as well as consistent improvement and standards-based best practices to help achieve optimal learning outcomes. 

Support Is Key to Success

Learning doesn’t just happen in the classroom. The Riverside football team’s November 18 championship win is a product of effort, discipline and a desire to achieve more — all factors contributing to student success both during school years and as an adult. Support, such as what CSDR provides its students, is critical during the learning journey.

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