Meet Olivia

by | Nov 15, 2021 | Story

Olivia first came to HEAR Center in August of 2020. Her mother was concerned about Olivia’s speech and hearing and wanted a second opinion. She had already been tested with no clear results. HEAR Center conducted a hearing test and it showed that Olivia did indeed have a hearing loss. Her mom said, “at HEAR Center, they were so professional, full of patience, and explained everything that is going on with my child.” Discovering a hearing loss can be a very overwhelming experience for the family, but especially the parents. HEAR Center is here to help families navigate their child’s hearing loss and answer any questions they may have. Olivia is now one month into her free hearing aid trial and is happy and communicating more and more every day. Working with families like Olivia’s is one of the many ways that HEAR Center takes care of our community and helps them to live their best life. Happy Holidays!

Seanna, Doctor of Audiology Extern