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All children develop in different ways and at different times. Some seem to speed through childhood milestones, while others require some extra time. Most unusual occurrences of language development aren’t cause for concern and can be addressed at home or with speech therapy. Find out more about the ways you can help your child, and when to seek help to overcome language delays or communication problems.

What Is Speech Therapy?

This type of therapy assesses your child’s speech to identify disorders and problems with communication. Once your therapist makes a diagnosis and understands what requires treatment, they begin to help your child develop the skills they need to speak with clarity, enunciate sounds properly, and modulate their voice.

If you are interested in professional therapy to aid your child’s development, you can access help through Hear Center. Speech problems are common in children, but they often require treatment for your child to improve.

How Does Speech Therapy Help My Child’s Development?

Speech therapy is about more than just language problems. Although it’s crucial to teach your children how to communicate effectively so they can participate in the world, therapy also addresses speech impediments and physical issues like swallowing problems or voice disorders.

Can I Help My Child at Home?

There are many ways that you can support your child’s speech and language development at home. Try using these simple tips:

  • Read a book together.
  • Encourage frequent conversation.
  • Limit your child’s screen time.
  • Slow down when speaking.
  • Make time to play together.
  • Pay close attention to what your child says.
  • Use visual aids like books and flashcards to reinforce language skills.

Stay positive when interacting with your child. They can pick up on your frustration or anger, which may impede their progress. Celebrate their achievements and approach all language and speech lessons with kindness and patience.

If you decide to use professional therapy services, familiarize yourself with what to expect in therapy so you can guide your child and choose at-home tactics that complement professional efforts.

Does My Child Require Speech Therapy?

All children develop differently, but there are a few guidelines that indicate when you might need to get help for your child. One of the simplest methods is determining how much of your child’s speech you can understand. With toddlers up to two years old, you should understand between 25% and 50% of what they say. By the time your child is five years old, that number should climb to 90% to 100%. You can also look for these signs:

  • No babbling in infants
  • Few sounds and gestures
  • Stuttering
  • Mispronouncing sounds
  • Saying only a few words by 12 to 18 months
  • Not understanding words by two years
  • Not using words in sentences by three years
  • Difficulty playing and communicating with other children

Getting a speech and language evaluation is a good idea if you notice any of the above signs. Remember that it’s never too early to seek out help to assist your child in healthy growth and development.

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