Free Hearing Screenings

HEAR Center works in collaboration with schools in our community to identify students who are at risk of hearing problems. In 2005, we screened 5,000 students. One of our audiologists or licensed audiometrists conducts the screening. The child has headphones placed on their ears, and is instructed to raise their hand or otherwise respond to tones of different frequencies (pitches) presented at a predetermined and consistent level. OAEs* are also performed for objective measurements. Finished student screening reports are given on the same day and parents can call us directly to ask questions about their student's performance. If a student fails a hearing screening, their family is encouraged to bring them to HEAR Center for a free comprehensive audiological evaluation.

HEAR Center strongly believes that individuals should get a hearing screening once a year. We welcome every school our community to take advantage of this free resource by scheduling a free hearing screening with us. 

*See Audiology tab for a description of different tests.

Free Speech-Language Screenings

Free Speech-Language Screenings conducted by our licensed Speech- Language Pathologists and Speech-Language Pathology Assistants, and are also offered to schools in our community. Contact the HEAR Center today to schedule a hearing or speech screening. 

To schedule a screening at HEAR Center or on site (school and senior centers only), please call as at (626) 796-2016, extension 30.

Screening Program (# of people screened)













  • 2014-2015: We reach of our goal of increasing total screened by over 900 people.
  • 2013-2014: We have doubled our screening program.