Hearing For Good

What is it?:

A way to recognize and celebrate our hearing aid clients, HEAR Center’s Hearing for Good initiative is rooted in the premise that when you choose HEAR Center for your hearing aid needs, you are helping us do a whole lot of good in Southern California.

How it works: 

As a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization and the only one of our kind in Los Angeles County, HEAR Center doesn’t just sell a full range of hearing aids.  We also provide vital programs and services to those who need it—regardless of their ability to pay.  When you or a family member choose to buy your hearing aids at HEAR Center, your purchase helps cover the cost of discounted or no-cost speech or hearing services for a child or family in need. 

Foregoing big-box retailers and for-profit companies and choosing HEAR Center not only ensures you the most affordable and comprehensive care, it also makes you feel GREAT knowing that you are helping those who face hearing or speech challenges. 

Why it matters:  

Communication through speech and hearing is a vital ability that connects and empowers us—dramatically enhancing an individual’s quality of life and opening doors to the world in which we live. According to the National Institute on Deafness and Other Communication Disorders, approximately 1 in 10 Americans has a hearing or speech disorder.  In fact, hearing loss occurs more frequently than any other health condition for which newborn screening is currently required.

Spread the Word:  

Word of mouth is the number one way HEAR Center welcomes new hearing aid clients.  We hope you will tell others about the impact better hearing has made in your life and the role you are playing in making HEAR Center’s nonprofit programs possible. With your help, we will encourage more and more individuals to join us in Hearing for Good  and give the gift of communication to children and adults who need our help.


For more information contact us at (626) 796-2016 or info@hearcenter.org

Visit our office at 301 East Del Mar Boulevard, Pasadena 91101