Free Hearing Screening Success Story 

About our Free Screening Programs

HEAR Center’s FREE Hearing and Speech Screening Programs provides preventive care. These screenings do more than just identify hearing loss or speech delay. The screenings help children like Diana receive treatment and resolve a potential hearing or speech issue before it can cause a long-term problem.

About Diana’s Story

Diana’s parents did not notice a problem with their daughter’s hearing until she failed a screening with the HEAR Center. After further examination at HEAR Center and treatment with a physician, Diana’s hearing has been great.

Meet Diana

We are very grateful to HEAR Center! We didn’t know that our daughter Diana had hearing problem until HEAR Center conducted a free hearing screening at her pre-school. When we took her to HEAR center for an evaluation, we found out that she had significant hearing loss in her left ear. A subsequent visit to the Ears, Nose, and Throat Doctor revealed fluid in her ear. The doctor explained that if the fluid did not drain on its own and it could lead to permanent hearing loss. Three months later the fluid still had not drained so the doctor inserted a tube to drain it. Now Diana hears fine! Her balance has also improved without the fluid in her ear. We hope that HEAR Center will continue to conduct free screenings at preschools so that more students like Diana can get the help they need. Thank you HEAR Center!

-Mariam (Diana's Mom)                                                                                                                     


Diana’s Story is one of many at HEAR Center

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