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FREE WEBINAR: Feeding and Swallowing Disorders 101

May 7, 2021
1:00 - 2:00 PM

Did you know that speech-language pathologists also address issues of feeding and swallowing across the ages? Eating is a multi-step process: from directing food into our mouths, taking food in, chewing, and swallowing—it is not uncommon for children to initially have problems with one, or several, of these steps. If problems persist, a feeding or swallowing disorder may be present.

In this presentation, we’ll discuss:

- an overview of feeding and swallowing disorders
- symptoms and causes
- diagnosis and treatment

We will have a speech professional at the end of the presentation to answer any questions during our Live Q&A session. Sign-up now to learn more about feeding and swallowing issues, and next steps if you believe your child or someone you know could benefit from the information!

RSVP here: https://zoom.us/meeting/register/tJIqceysqzguHtA5MTXmzzQqOVB2ExBkOtc5

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